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I started my career as a financial advisor at IDS Financial services in 1991, where I spent 14 years working with families and small businesses.


In 1998 I obtained my CFP® designation. Through Kaplan, I taught CFP® curriculum courses at The University of Minnesota, Metro State University, and the University of St. Thomas while I was an advisor. I earned my ChFC® designation in 2002.


In 2005, I was offered a position at Woodbury Financial Services and sold my practice. This led to leadership positions at Woodbury Financial, Ameriprise Financial, and Portico Benefits Services.


My heart led me back to working with clients, and in 2017 I joined Midwest Secure Retirement.

Stephen Husten, ChFC®

The greatest financial risk of our time is how to provide for a retirement which lasts for 30 years or longer. I focus my practice on strategies that make my clients feel comfortable that they will not run out of money in retirement. I also focus on protection against market losses, health care costs, adequate liquidity, and estate preservation planning decisions before and during retirement.


Retirement is an important life decision…but planning for retirement is an even more important decision.  Not only do you need to accumulate enough assets to retire, you also need to know how to liquidate those assets in a carefully planned manner so you don’t run out of money.


As part of Midwest Secure Retirement (MSR). I employ a personal macroeconomic approach when addressing my clients' financial goals. Our process gives you a personalized road map that helps balance financial growth and risk. By focusing on the flow of money within your macroeconomic approach, we can tactically align growth potential and risk reduction - all the while focusing on your financial goals for the future.


Retirement is not the only goal of my clients.  I provide full service financial planning customized to help you achieve your life goals.


Fewer retirees today are living on pensions provided by their employers compared to past generations.  People are also living longer than in the past.  My creative approach balances traditional investments with actuarial science to help maximize the stream of income from retirement savings.

Question:  Assuming one has $1 million accumulated for retirement, what is the potential difference in annual income between the traditional retirement income approach and my retirement income approach?

Watch the video on the "Wealth Building" page for the answer.

I'm here to assist.  Please schedule an appointment today.

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